A bicycle powered Classic Carder!


We’re always fascinated to hear about projects and ventures that use our Classic Carder, so it was with great interest we learned about a new exhibition in the Basque Region. Artist Laurita Siles and her collaborator, Joseba Edesa, who is part of a Basque shepherding family, have worked together to produce two works to celebrate the fine black-face sheep, the endangered Carranzana, and the txapelas-making industry. The txapelas is the characteristic black beret of the area, made by wet-felting technique.

Laurita and Joseba converted a drumcarder and spinning wheel to be powered by bicycle, another familiar sight in the Basque Region. The exhibition was at The Encartada Industrial Museum, a former knitting yarn factory founded in 1892. The factory has been kept open to provide an insight into industrial processes from the past. We were delighted to support Laurita with information and pleased to see such an innovative project come to a successful conclusion.

Laurita and Joseba on Facebook – Mutur Beltz
The Encartada Industrial Museum –http://www.bizkaikoa.bizkaia.eus/detalleContenido.asp…